Supply Chain Recruiting

We Solve Unique Challenges in Technology & Supply Chain Recruiting

Businesses face several challenges in today’s hiring landscape, such as:

  • The supply chain and logistics industry faced significant disruptions in recent years, and with the industry attempting to bounce back, hiring has become infinitely more competitive.
  • As new automation technology emerges, many businesses in this sector have undergone significant technological transformation. As a result, a talent pool with the right skill sets has become significantly more narrow.
  • With increases in compensation come higher hiring costs. Consequently, the wrong hire results in team misalignment, lower productivity, and project setbacks.

Top Tier Candidates Are Within Reach

Our expertise lies in identifying top leadership and talent in the industry with a proven track record of driving business transformation. This includes placement of c-suite executives, engineers, marketing managers, accounts executives, and other business-critical roles.

Access a Deep Network of Top Industry Talent

We go beyond traditional headhunting and actively recruit from our extensive talent network, which consists of industry experts and revenue drivers in the supply chain industry.

Save on Hiring Costs

Supply chain and freight forwarding businesses that invest in hiring upfront reap the benefits in the long run in the form of improved employee retention and productivity. Lazio Search Group is perfect for companies that don’t have the resources for an entire hiring operation but need a dedicated team to find the ideal match.

We Leverage a Client-Centric & Strategic Approach

Efficient hiring requires an agile and strategic approach, considering your business needs and project objectives. We take the time to understand your business and vision for the role you’re hiring while building a uniquely curated pipeline of quality supply chain talent ready to move forward.

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